Workshop: Properties, Relations, and Relational States


Master in Philosophy

26 October 2020

October 18-20, 2020

Hotel de la Paix, Lugano


Organizers: Kevin Mulligan (USI) and Jan Plate (USI).


Speakers: Elle Benjamin (Berkeley/Amherst), Claudius Berger (Tübingen, Philipp Blum (Lucerne), Scott Dixon (Ashoka), Joop Leo (Amsterdam), Fraser MacBride (Manchester), Robert Michelis (Lugano), Francesco Orilia (Macerata), Maria Scarpati (Geneva/Neuchâtel), Jonas Waechter (Lugano).


The three-day workshop, supported by the SNSF projects ‘Connectives, Predicates, and Priority’ & ‘Functions, Relations, and Types’, mainly focused on relations, a subject of outmost interest for the new horizons in ontology.


Are there relations? And if so, what are their identity conditions? These and many other related issues have been discussed in the pleasant interiors of the Hotel de la Paix.


The recordings of the talks are available on the YouTube channel of the Ratio association: