Moving time at USI - Part 2

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Institutional Communication Service

22 February 2021

The reorganization of spaces and the various moves are coming to an end. Since September 2020, several classrooms and offices of the Faculties, Institutes and Services of Università della Svizzera italiana have been moved. The relocation of the Administrative Services has, for the most part, already been completed. On the one hand, the new set-up allows both students and visitors to quickly identify the areas within the university complex and, on the other, to bring services together under one roof. This second part will focus on student services and areas, central services, some changes in classrooms, and food services.


Faculty Services

The Dean's office of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society (office 321a) and the Faculty of Economics (office 321b) are on Level 3 of the Main Building on West Campus.

The Dean's office of the Faculty of Informatics (Sector D - P0) and the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences (Sector A - P2 and P3) are on the East Campus.


Student Services

On the West Campus, all services that involve direct contact with students have been grouped on Level 3 of the Main Building.

The International Relations and Mobility Service (Office 332) is on the left as you go up the main staircase. The Scholarship Office (office 350), the Study Advisory Service (office 303c and 303d) and the Career Service (office 303a and 303b) have not been moved and remain in the centre, right in front of the staircase.

This layout aims to facilitate students' reception by concentrating the services dedicated to them in the same space.

Reception for the general public (office 220) remains at the main entrance.


Student areas

The areas dedicated to students, study spaces and recreation have been expanded. The east wing of Level 1 (Main Building) has several classrooms and spaces dedicated to group study and individual study:

  • 121/130 Group work
  • 127 Quiet study area
  • 128 Large study area
  • 129 Student Associations
  • 131 Meeting Room
  • 120 Lunch Room

Classrooms are currently being set up. More information will be provided when the work is completed.

PC rooms remain in the west wing of Level 1.


Sport Service

The main Sports Service desk is on East Campus, where the fitness room (a space that will be open after summer 2021) and the dojo for group classes are also located. A Sports Service desk remains on the West Campus, on Level 1 of the Main Building (office 135).



The main signs will be revised and will also aim to guide visitors from the entrance to various levels. Spaces dedicated to bulletin boards and screens will also be redefined.


Council Chambers

The Council Chambers will be housed in Room 351 on Level 3 of the Main Building. This space has been redesigned and will be used exclusively for University Council and Faculty Council meetings.


Rectorate and Central Services

Services that do not involve direct student contact have all been located in the east wing of Level 2 (Main Building). This new layout allows for greater communication and interaction between the various offices listed below:

220 Reception
221/222 Controlling Service
223 Administrative Office
210 Web and graphics service
211 Meeting room
212 Institutional communication service
213 Rector
214 General Secretary
215 Rector's office
216 Research and Transfer Service
217 Research and Transfer Service Manager
218 Research and Transfer Service
226 Head of Institutional communication service + Rectorate/CU members
227 Quality Service
228 Legal Services
229 Staff Lounge
232 Head of Institutional Relations and Development Service
233/234 Personnel administration Lugano campus
235 Equal Opportunities Service

Finally, we would like to point out that the spaces in Via Lambertenghi, Via Maderno and Via Balestra have been completely vacated.



Due to federal regulations, the food services will be closed until the end of February 2021. In all likelihood, the West Campus cafeteria will not reopen in the near term due to the anti-COVID-19 guidelines issued by the federal government.

As for the East Campus cafeteria, it is scheduled to open in September 2021. Also related to the health emergency, the hope is to open the coffe shop on the East Campus during the semester, which will also offer patrons a hot meal.

The break room reserved for staff only (administrative and academic) is in Room 150 on Level 1 of the Main Building on the West Campus.


East Campus

On the East Campus, Informatics Bachelor students have access to three labs on P0 (Sector D), while Master's students have spaces available on the floors.

For Biomedical Sciences students, access to the laboratories on the upper floors is free.