Candidatures to the USI Academic Senate


Institutional Communication Service

19 April 2021

Candidatures are open for the elections of student representatives to the USI Academic Senate. Applications must be submitted through the platform (accessible through your NetId) until Saturday, 8 May (11:59 pm). Elections will also take place on the dedicated website from 11 to 25 May

The second legislature of the Academic Senate will come to the end of its two-year term on August 31. The past two years have been busy for the senators of USI, who have addressed many issues of strategic interest to the development of USI.

Below is the list of the main topics discussed, in addition to which the faculty representatives in the Senate voted on appointments, promotions and contract renewals of the academic staff:

  • Celebrations for the 25th anniversary of USI
  • Report on the institute contracts
  • Reorganisation of executive education
  • Report on the development of the Information System
  • Amendment to the affiliation request for FTL (Faculty of Theology)
  • Work plan of the Commission for Quality Culture
  • Amendments to the Phd Guidelines at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
  • Regulation for a new CAS at ESO (European School of Oncology)
  • Student proposal for a 'summer semester'
  • Discussion on academic rankings
  • Budget 2021
  • Project to 'Decentralise financial responsibilities and reinforce centralised control'
  • Appointment of Reseach Commission members
  • Report on the activities of the Commission for Quality Culture and appointment of a representative of the academic staff and of the student body
  • Approval of the MD PhD Regulation at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
  • Extention of the possibility for online thesis dissertations
  • New Covid-19 provisions at USI
  • Update on the Study plans 2021/22
  • Regulation of the USI Institutional Research Fund
  • Amendments to the Regulations of the Academic Senate for the election of student representatives
  • Regulation for acquiring the title of Dr. med.
  • Changes to the LUni and new responsibilities delegated to the Academic Senate
  • Internal rules of the Academic Senate
  • Quality Culture - update on processes and definition of the self-assessement process
  • Election of two Senate delegates to the University Council
  • Regulations for medical studies
  • Strategic plan 2021-2024
  • Discussion on sustainability and the SostA USI project
  • Master in Informatics available to secondary school teachers
  • New USI Statute, proposal presentation, discussion, and standpoint
  • Discussion on the Study Regulations of the Academy of Architecture
  • Discussion on the Study Regulations of the Faculty of Informatics
  • Discussion on distance learning
  • Amendment to the Faculty statutes and the Study Regulations to tackle the Covid-19 emergency
  • Student and academic staff representatives in the appointment commissions
  • Optional conversion of grades to the Swiss model
  • Interdisciplinary institutes
  • Communication and information process on Senate activities
  • Final study plans 2021/2022
  • Discussion on the Study Regulations of the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society
  • PhD Regulation of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
  • Guideline on the arrangements for the autumn session examination of the 2019/2020 academic year