MAP statistics first four years (2017-2021)


Master in Philosophy

3 May 2021

The first statistics of the MAP are out!



The first graph shows that all the students who graduated from the MAP who applied to a PhD programme received offers before the end of their Master. More specifically, they have been accepted in various universities such as: Alberta, Central European University, Durham, King’s College London, Geneva, Hong Kong, Leeds, Lisbon, Lucerne, Neuchâtel, Oxford (DPhil), Urbino, Western Ontario, Zurich.

Good news also about the philosophy students who looked for a non-academic job after the MAP. Overall, 93% of students who graduated from our programme began working right after discussing their thesis.



These are not the only encouraging trends of the MAP. The dropout rate conforms to a general improvement of the data, as shown by the second graph.  

The general data of dropouts distributed over the first four years of the MAP is 19%. During the first year of the MAP, the dropout rate was around 35%, but already in the second year the percentage dropped to 28%, plunging to 7% in the third year. We shall also highlight that around half of the dropouts occured by the end of the first semester. Thereby, the ongoing year confirms the promising positive trend of the MAP!



So far, good news for the MAP!