Spring graduation ceremony for 91 students of the USI Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society


Institutional Communication Service

17 May 2021

At the spring graduation session of the USI Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, held on 17 May 2021 in live streaming from the Aula Magna of the West Campus Lugano, the names of the 91 new Bachelor's, Master's and PhD graduates, of 13 different nationalities, were announced.

The ceremony, the first of this special year for USI celebrating its 25th anniversary, was conducted by presenter Julie Arlin. The ceremony was opened by USI Rector Prof. Boas Erez, followed the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Luca Visconti, the head of USI Career Service, Silvia Invrea, and by a few USI alumnae and alumni who shared their career stories. The graduates received 49 Bachelor's degrees, 39 Master's degrees and 3 doctoral degrees, for a total of 91 diplomas in Communication, Culture and Society and interfaculty degrees, i.e. obtained by following joint study paths with the Faculty of Economics.

The leitmotif of the ceremony was Dante Alighieri: this year marks the 700th anniversary of his death and the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society wanted to pay homage to the Great Poet with the reinterpretation of some key themes of the Divine Comedy in an ironic and original way by artists of the Accademia Dimitri.

Listed below are the names of the graduates, in alphabetical order and indicating their nationality, divided by study programme.



Bachelor in Italian Language, Literature and Culture

  1. Davide Leonardo Bordoni, Switzerland
  2. Francesca Celeste, Switzerland
  3. Amelia Curti, Switzerland
  4. Dilan Etyimez, Turkey
  5. Francesco Grassi, Italy
  6. Veronica Montorfani, Switzerland
  7. Martina Tamburrini, Italy
  8. Alice Vananti, Switzerland
  9. Miriana Ventre, Switzerland
  10. Norma Zanetti, Switzerland
  11. Elena Zehnder, Switzerland

Bachelor in Communication Sciences

  1. Matilde Mariavittoria Asnaghi, Italy
  2. Sabrina Beretta, Italy
  3. Giada Biacchi, Italy
  4. Barbara Boncompagni, Italy
  5. Sefora Camenzind, Switzerland
  6. Gaia Caruso, Italy
  7. Serena Caruso, Switzerland
  8. Maria Casillo, Italy
  9. Eleonora Crippa, Italy
  10. Tijana Cvijic, Switzerland
  11. Federica D'Alba, Italy
  12. Riccardo Di Lullo, Switzerland
  13. Giuseppina Folino, Italy
  14. Linda Sofia Forzano, Switzerland
  15. Viviana La Monaca, Switzerland
  16. Raquel Magalhães Dos Santos, Portugal
  17. Irian Matic, Switzerland
  18. Valeria Meraviglia, Italy
  19. Martina Miano, Italy
  20. Silvia Chiara Milesi, Switzerland, Germany
  21. Alessandra Negri, Switzerland
  22. Jennifer Neri, Switzerland
  23. Giulia Nunes Da Costa, Switzerland
  24. Maria Laura Palmeri, Italy
  25. Elia Perucchi, Switzerland
  26. Alessandro Puglisi, Italy
  27. Lamija Ramic, Switzerland
  28. Esther Roggero, Switzerland
  29. Carolina Sale, Italy
  30. Giuseppe Schipani, Switzerland
  31. Jeannette Sevilla Bertelli, Italy
  32. Pietro Sirianni, Italy
  33. Federico Spagnoli, Italy
  34. Mathilde Tedesco, Switzerland
  35. Deborah Tettamanti, Switzerland
  36. Matteo Veronese, Switzerland
  37. Andrea Viola, Switzerland
  38. Clarissa Zanoncini, Italy



Master of Arts

Master in Italian Language, Literature and Culture

  1. Mattia Bettoni, Switzerland
  2. Cassandra Cappelletti, Switzerland
  3. Giorgia Roberta Cimma, Italy
  4. Elena Cogi, Italy
  5. Beatrice Garavaglia, Italy
  6. Elia Gaudenzi, Italy
  7. Beatrice Mastropietro, Italy
  8. Simona Salmina, Switzerland

Master in Philosophy

  1. Tannaz Najafi, Switzerland
  2. Eric Tremolanti, Italy


Master Communication Sciences

Master in Communication, Management & Health

  1. Iren Andreeva, Bulgaria
  2. Jessica Mcloughlin, United Kingdom

Master in Digital Fashion Communication

  1. Monica Bucalo, Italy
  2. Linda Rosalla Leppänen, Finland
  3. Alizée Muller, Switzerland
  4. Martina Ronchetti, Italy
  5. Vivien Schmidt, Germany
  6. Rea Stambuk, Croatia
  7. Maddalena Tentori, Italy
  8. Ramune Tincani, Lithuania

Master in Media Management

  1. Andrea Menon, Italy
  2. Luca Musarra, Svizzera, Italy

Master in Media Management

  1. Simone Broggini, Italy
  2. Marco Paolozza, Svizzera, Italy


Master in Communication Sciences and Economics

Master in Corporate Communication

  1. Lorenzo Beneduci, Italy
  2. Elena Maria Decio, Italy
  3. Alessandro Fenili, Italy
  4. Giulia Ferrucci , Italy
  5. Carlo Girola, Italy
  6. Manuela Näpflin, Switzerland
  7. Camilla Sossi, Switzerland

Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy

  1. Fabio Beraldi, Italy
  2. Laura Beretta, Switzerland
  3. Annamaria Cattaneo, Italy
  4. Nayomi Hettiarachchi, U.S.A.
  5. Patrick Ivascu, Canada
  6. Jose Mazza, Switzerland
  7. Elisa Moscatelli, Italy
  8. Alessandra Pizzolato, Italy



Doctor of Philosophy in Italian Language, Literature and Culture

  1. Francesca Saltamacchia, Switzerland and Italy

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Sciences

  1. Rana Khaled Abolfotoh Arafat, Egypt
  2. Emanuele Mele, Italy