Fall session exams will also be held online


Institutional Communication Service

31 May 2021

USI has reached this decision considering that the extraordinary fall session (make-up session) repurposes the exams of the two previous regular sessions (winter and summer), which were held online. In this way, USI is maintaining the same examination methods for each course.

The decision was made by the Rectorate, after consulting the USI Management Committee, last week: it aims at ensuring fair treatment to all students. Any exceptions proposed by the Faculties will have to be approved by the Pro-Rector for Education Students' Experience, Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni. The provisions regarding the option to discuss theses online have also been extended.


How are the exams held?

The exams of the extraordinary fall session, just like the summer session about to begin, will generally be held online with the following methods: online submission, oral exam, quiz exam. Students will sign a document in which they agree to take the exams with fairness and without resorting to any illicit means, also accepting the possibility of video surveillance during written online exams (proctoring).