Lugano Philosophy Colloquia. Fall 2021


Master in Philosophy

26 October 2021

The Lugano Philosophy Colloquia are a series of events organized by: Master in Philosophy - USI; Ratio - Philosophical Association; Istituto di Studi Filosofici – USI


After the great success of the online events of last spring, the Lugano Philosophy Colloquia series is back for the fall semester. These events are held on campus for philosophy students and on Zoom for everyone. Sometimes, we also stream them on the USI Master in Philosophy Facebook page.



On Tuesday, November 16 at 6.30pm (CET)
Bence Nanay (University of Antwerp and USI)
'Desires don’t have desire-like direction of fit'
Chaired by Paolo Natali (University of Geneva and USI)


Abstract: Desires are widely, in fact, universally, taken to have, well, desire-like direction of fit. The aim of this paper is to argue that – at least on one important understanding of what direction of fit is – this is not so. I give a two-step argument: The goal state of desires is represented by mental imagery and if the goal state of desires is represented by mental imagery, then desires don’t have world-to-mind (or prescriptive) intrinsic direction of fit. In other words, desires don’t have desire-like direction of fit.



On Thursday, December 16 at 6.00pm (CET)
Stephan Leuenberger (University of Glasgow and USI)
'Varieties of Totality'
Chaired by Damiano Costa (USI)


Abstract: Sometimes, we want a description not just to be true, but also comprehensive - the whole truth, in some sense. I will argue that different senses of comprehensiveness can be elucidated using the resources of modal logic, understood broadly. Specifically, I will define a variety of what we may call "totality operators" and discuss their relationships and their applications in metaphysics.