Workshop: The Metaphysics of Relations


Master in Philosophy

23 November 2021

On June 11 and 12, 2022 the MAP will be hosting a conference on the metaphysics of Relations. The first day will be devoted to the ancient & medieval discussion on relations, whereas on the second day we will turn to the contemporary debate.


Ancient & Medieval Section

Matthew Duncombe - The University of Nottingham - “The Origins of the Incompleteness theory of relativity”.

Heine Hansen – The Saxo Institute - TBD.

Nadja Germann - Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg - TBD.

Christophe Erismann – Universität Wien - TBD.



Contemporary Section

Kit Fine – New York University - TBD.

Michael Esfeld – University of Lausanne - “A Contemporary Metaphysics Based on Relations”.

Vera Hoffmann-Kolss – Universität Bern - “Relations as the Relata of the Causal Relation”.

Francesco Orilia – University of Macerata - TBD



A12, Red building

USI Campus Ovest

Via G. Buffi, 13

Lugano (CH)



John Marenbon (Trinity College, Cambridge)

Anna Marmodoro (Durham & Oxford)

Jan Plate (USI)


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