The use of AI to detect misinformation in the Metaverse


Institutional Communication Service

21 December 2021

Metaverse is a newborn technology developed as an immersive digital world where to establish in person interactions. Due to its infancy, industry observers are raising alarms that the nightmarish content moderation challenges that already plague social media could be even worse in these new worlds powered by virtual and augmented reality. Offensive or misleading contents is indeed easy to find in the Metaverse and it is still difficult to control and prevent their spreading. Prof. Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, Director of the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence USI-SUPSI, was recently interviewed by Bloomberg to discuss the limits of the Metaverse and the use of AI to detect offensive and misleading content.

"The degree to which the Metaverse remains a safe space will depend partially on how companies train their AI systems to moderate the platforms", observes Prof. Rizzoli. "AI can be trained to detect and take down hate speech and misinformation, and systems can also inadvertently amplify it".


To know more about the Metaverse and its open challenges, read the full Bloomberg article:
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