Noi Gender - the exhibition at USI


Institutional Communication Service

7 March 2022

The exhibition "Noi Gender" (Us Gender), a project of the Percento Culturale Migros, curated in Italian by Consultati, in collaboration with Imbarco Immediato and Gender Freedom, will open in the park of USI West Campus to celebrate International Women's Day on 8 March 2022. 

From 8 March to 5 May 2022, the USI park in Lugano will host ten posters presenting historical facts, statistical data and a glossary to explore the theme of gender. The exhibition is an invitation to discussion and reflection. It is part of the exhibition "Generando visioni di genere" (Generating visions of gender), which will promote events, conferences, round tables, narrative cafés, theatrical performances, and film screenings in Ticino. 

The exhibition was conceived jointly with the Stapferhaus Lenzburg and was shown for the first time last summer at the Park im Grünen in Münchenstein (Basel). 

For more information, visit the dedicated website.