Studying medicine in Lugano


Institutional Communication Service

17 October 2022

Stefanie Bauer will finish her medical studies next year; her desire is to become a neurosurgeon. Stefanie is currently working as a candidate of medicine in the orthopedic department at Baden Cantonal Hospital. For two years she studied at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences at USI, where she will return at the end of the internship period for the last modules on campus. Her path at USI allowed her to carry out clinical practice days in various hospitals and clinics in Ticino. She later worked in the spinal surgery department at the Schulthess Clinic in Zurich for her free stage: an experience she enjoyed so much that she is now looking to specialise in neurosurgery.

In a follow-up article in Tages Anzeiger, Stefanie Bauer says she is enthusiastic about her studies at Università della Svizzera italiana: "What you learn, you can put into practice immediately." In fact, the course of study at USI includes two days a week spent in the hospital, where future doctors can discuss cases with senior physicians. "The student-teacher ratio is 2:1, it's unique," Stefanie says. Language was not a problem; Stefanie had already taken the "Italian for Doctors" course at ETH Zurich.

Lugano has become a popular destination for students from ETH and other universities. Some plan to stay in Ticino, where they will work as medical assistants after passing the federal exam.


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