Autonomous driving stars at Sportech


Institutional Communication Service

31 January 2023

Discovering and deepening the applications of scientific and technological research in sport: this was the aim of the 2023 Sportech, held from 25 to 27 January at the Centro sportivo nazionale della gioventù in Tenero. USI Software Institute also participated in the event with an interactive workshop on autonomous driving

This year, Sportech hosted some 40 interactive workshops in which pupils from middle, vocational and high schools could test out numerous technological applications in various sporting disciplines, offering exciting links to the content of the syllabuses of some teaching subjects. 

One of the near future's core themes is autonomous driving, and the Software Institute (SI) of Università della Svizzera italiana intends to be at the forefront in this field as well. The research and experimentation carried out at the SI, as well as the goal of the laboratory presented at Sportech, are aimed at stimulating curiosity in the topics of autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. 

Such curiosity was fulfilled during the three-day event, where around 250 participants were introduced to the functions of autonomous driving, including machine learning software algorithms, and demonstrated their effectiveness using 1:16 scale models.