Truckload of humanitarian aid from Ticino to Ukraine thanks to student commitment


Institutional Communication Service

13 March 2023

Thanks to the Student Association for Ukraine, and with the support of various local sponsors and partners, a humanitarian aid truck set off from Ticino heading to Ukraine on 9 February 2023. The student association managed to collect about 800 kg of clothing, 8 pallets of hygiene products and 40 cubic metres (corresponding to about 2500 kg) of furniture. The truck arrived in the Kharkiv region on 15 February, in support of some local associations.

The association was able to count on the support of Tavolino magico, which donated three pallets of food, drinks and other basic hygiene products. The Associazione Umanitaria Comunità Bosniaca in Ticino helped by working on the necessary documentation for the trip and organised the logistics. Clothing and school supplies were collected at the event held on the Lugano campus of USI on 17 December.

The associations in Ukraine that are benefiting from this aid are Brave to rebuild (a volunteer initiative to help people whose homes have been damaged) and Trochy Vognju (a project offering school education and art therapy to displaced and orphaned children in Ukraine, as well as assisting needy families with food supplies).


To follow the activities of the Student Association for Ukraine in detail, you can follow their instagram page.