IMCA Seminar - Daniela Corsaro - room A14 - 13:30

Institute of Marketing and Communication Management

Start date: 15 December 2011

End date: 16 December 2011

A Value Perspective on Relationship Portfolio


Abstract: As portfolio models have evolved in the area of business marketing, scholars have turned their attention from traditional customer or supplier portfolios to relationship portfolios based on business relationship attributes. In a parallel stream of research, the literature has increasingly explored the concept of relationship value; recent studies—especially from the Industrial Network Approach—have shown how specific features of business relationships and interaction processes have been neglected in value literature. Value considerations are the foundation of portfolio investment decisions; thus, the purpose of this paper is to recognize critical attributes of relationship value that have important consequences for portfolio analysis. Developing the concept of Relationship Value Portfolio provides a discussion on the need to integrate the two fields of research on relationship value and relationship portfolios in a more grounded conceptual framework. The theoretical framework proposed contributes to enriching the theoretical debate on both streams as well as offers important implications for managerial practice.