Imagining the future with MEM Summer Summit


Institutional Communication Service

26 June 2023

To prepare for the upcoming 2023 MEM Summer Summit taking place in Lugano from 17 ot 26 August, the MEM Summer Summit team collaborated with the Swiss Embassy in Morocco and the Drosos Foundation to organise a regional workshop titled "Future Scenarios in the MEM Region." The workshop was held in mid-June in Rabat, Morocco.

The thirty young participants present, hailing from different countries, discussed future scenarios in the region starting from the analysis of present challenges and opportunities such as climate change, migration, mobility, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, collective security, and employment opportunities. Using the multidisciplinary approach of Futures Thinking, participants worked on different narratives to creatively imagine future scenarios.

The common hope is that ten years from now, the Middle East Mediterranean region will become a borderless region with competent, informed and committed young people.

Swiss Ambassador Guillaume Scheurer, Morocco's Minister of Industry and Trade Ryad Mezzour, Drosos Foundation's Regional Director for Tunisia and Morocco, Dr Rafael Dernbach, Dr Federica Frediani, Monica Gugolz took part in the workshop.