11 SNF research grants for over 3 million


Università della Svizzera italiana

3 October 2016

Eleven projects proposed by researchers at USI and its affiliated/associated entities have been accepted by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF), for over 3 million Swiss francs. The funds granted to these researchers underline not only the quality of their work, but also their competiveness among peers in Switzerland. The SNF awards the best research projects submited by researchers in Switzerland  on a competitive basis, by the two annual deadlines in April and in October.

The following list of grantees for proposals submitted by the April 2016 deadline, with the project name and beneficiary, and related affiliation, takes into account only those projects where the first applicant is affiliated to USI.

Title: Model-Free Asset PricingBeneficiary: Prof. Paul SchneiderAfffiliation: USI, Faculty of Economics, Institute of Finance (IFin)

Title: Uncertainty and volatility in capital marketsBeneficiary: Prof. Antonio MeleAffiliation: USI, Faculty of Economics, Institute of Finance (IFin)

Title: The inferential dynamics of reframing within dispute mediators' argumentationBeneficiary: Prof. Sara GrecoAffiliation: USI, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics (IALS)

Title: Greenwashing accusations and their effect on CSR trust in B2B settings. Does it pay not to engage in greenwashing?Beneficiary: Prof. Peter SeeleAffiliation: USI, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA)

Title: Cosmmus 2: an infrastructure for scalable distributed applicationsBeneficiary: Prof. Fernando PedoneAffiliation: USI, Faculty of Informatics

Title: HEARTFUSION: Imaging-driven Patient-specific Cardiac SimulationBeneficiary: Prof. Rolf KrauseAffiliation: USI, Faculy of Informatics, Institute of Computational Science (ICS)

Title: Stress-Based Methods for Variational Inequalities in Solid Mechanics: Finite Element Discretization and Solution by Hierar- chical OptimizationBeneficiary: Prof. Rolf KrauseAffiliation: USI, Faculy of Informatics, Institute of Computational Science (ICS)

Title: Quantum MetadynamicsBeneficiary: Prof. Michele ParrinellloAffiliation: USI, Faculy of Informatics, Institute of Computational Science (ICS)

Title: Lift and Project Methods for Machine Scheduling Through Theory and ExperimentsBeneficiary: Prof. Luca Maria Gambardella, DirettoreAffiliation: IDSIA Institute Dalle Molle for Artificial Intelligence

Title: Studies on T cell activation, differentiation and plasticity in humansBeneficiary: Dr. Federica Sallusto Affiliation: IRB Institute for Research in Biomedicine

Title: Astrophysical SpectropolarimetryBeneficiary: Dr. Michele BiandaAffiliation: IRSOL Istituto Ricerche Solari Locarno  

In addition, the following two proposals were granted SNF funds for projects submitted by IOR (Institute of Oncology, the research unit of IOSI Istituto Oncologico della Svizzera italiana), currently in the process of affiliation to USI, for a total amount of over 1 million Swiss francs:

Title: The ETS transcription factor ESE3/EHF as a regulator of prostate epithelial cell differentiation and stem cell propertiesBeneficiary: Dr. Giuseppina Carbone, head Prostate Cancer BiologyAffiliation: IOR Institute of Oncology

Title: Molecular prediction of long term benefit from ibrutinib in high risk chronic lymphocytic leukemiaBeneficiary: Dr. Davide Rossi, group leader Experimental HematologyAffiliation: IOR Institute of Oncology




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