The Academic year 2015-2016 in numbers

Università della Svizzera italiana

USI counts 2,964 enrolled students. The graduate employment rate is good, 89.6% of graduates finds employment a year after graduation and 95.8% five years from graduation. Approved 2016 budget of 90 million CHF. 

The students enrolled at USI for the academic year 2015/2016 are 2,964, 25.8% from Ticino, 6.7% from other Cantons, 46.6% from Italy and 20.9% from other countries. The Academy of Architecture counts 800 students, the Faculty of Economics 1,026, the Faculty of Communication Sciences 856 and the Faculty of Informatics 282. 1,375 students are attending Bachelor courses and the students enrolled in Master programmes are 118. There are 274 PhD students and 197 students attend programmes in continuing education (Master of Advanced Studies).
The 12th USI Graduate Survey was carried out by the Career Service on students from all four USI Faculties who graduated in 2013 (a year after graduation) and 2009 (five years after graduation). 529 students out of 1,041 took part in the survey (50.8% of the total). According to the guidelines of the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, only the active population was taken into account (those who work or who are actively seeking for employment or made other choices). The survey shows that 89.6% of USI graduates are employed a year from graduation and 10.4% are looking for a job (N 31). Of these 31 graduates 58.1% has already previous work experience, 18 of them are international students and 13 are Swiss. 95.8% of USI graduates found employment 5 years from graduation and 4.2% are unemployed. (N 7).

The budget for 2016 of 90 million CHF has been approved during the last seating of USI Council held on December 4th.