First session of the Academic Senate

The Academic Senate of USI
The Academic Senate of USI

Institutional Communication Service

8 May 2017

The Academic Senate convened for the first time on Thursday, May 4th, 2017. The institution of the Senate was decided by the University Council on December 2016 with the aim of strengthening unity inside the University. Within its advisory and proactive role, it will discuss strategic planning and general working conditions of University staff and other issues concerning the overall management of USI. During its first session, the Senate discussed, among other things, the new scenario for the future development of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, and the project of a new centre for executive education. Senate members are elected for two year mandates; below the first elected members, by category:


Faculty representatives (10)

  • Walter Angonese, Architecture
  • Quintus Miller, Architecture
  • Giovanni Barone Adesi, Economics and Law
  • Gabriele Balbi, Social Sciences
  • Fernando Pedone, Informatics
  • Silvia Santini, Informatics
  • Christoph Frank, Humanities
  • Sara Garau, Humanities
  • Rolf Krause, Mathematics
  • Vittorio Limongelli, Human Maedicine and Life Sciences


Junior academic representatives (5)

  • Giulia Pellizzato
  • Jost Reinhold
  • Vincenza Sutter
  • Gianluigi Negro
  • Sebastiano Giannesini


Student representatives (4)

  • Riccardo Di Lullo
  • Silvia Giandoriggio
  • Isabella Virginia Perin
  • Amedeo Zucchetti


Administration representatives (5)

  • Fabiana Bernasconi
  • Damiano Bianchi
  • Giovanni Pellegri
  • Mauro Prevostini
  • Stefano Tardini


The Rector (as President of the Senate), Pro-Rectors and Deans are permanent members of the Senate. During the first session the Presidential Office was also appointed. It serves as advisor to the President and is formed by representatives of each member category. The appointed members are: Giovanni Barone Adesi, Riccardo di Lullo, Giulia Pellizzato and Stefano Tardini.  For more information and regulations refer to