Rectoverso picks up from Bordeaux

Bordeaux (Photo: www.geographicus.commm5cartographerssduk.txt Wikimedia Commons)
Bordeaux (Photo: www.geographicus.commm5cartographerssduk.txt Wikimedia Commons)

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10 October 2017

The encounters “rectoverso” promoted by USI Rector Boas Erez resume with the new academic year. As metaphorically suggested by its name, the lectures aim is to share the diverse perspectives of interpreting realities that USI can offer, many of which are closely related to each other, like pages of tales about current events and everyday life.

This year “rectoverso” will not be a solo effort, rather a duet: during the encounters that will be held from October to May pertaining USI different areas of competence, the Rector will be accompanied in his reflections by a different professor according to the faculty involved.

The first duet “Bordeaux” will be held on Tuesday, October 17th at 9pm on Mendrisio Campus. The Rector and the Academy Professor Walter Agonese will engage in a conversation about the great French city, a place that they both love and know very well, about its development and the global challenges flowing through it. With the impressive rapid growth of the metropolis in mind, the encounter will be the chance to benefit from the interesting point of view of someone who lived there for almost a quarter of a Century, and the one of an architect who is perceptive about the value of urban agglomeration as the way of living in the 21st Century.