Reading copies, a day of study at the Academy


Institutional Communication Service

20 November 2017

The phenomenon of copies in the figurative arts attracts increasing interest, both for the ideas that it offers in the field of historical and artistic studies, and for the current events linked to both fakes and copyright issues. The USI Academy's Institute of History and Theory of Art and Architecture will be hosting an international study day on the subject on Friday, November 24 .

The objective of the conference, which will be held at Canavée Building on Mendrisio campus from 09am to 6pm, is to outline the role of copies in the figurative arts of the early modern age, from the point of view of textual sources, from artistic historiography to technical treatises, between first humanism and Enlightenment.

With Carla Mazzarelli (lecturer and researcher at USI) and David García Cueto (University of Granada) as scientific coordinators, the day aims at comparing opinions in the field of artistic literature with those offered by the humanities, from ancient and modern literature to the theory of architecture. Discussions will occur while putting back into context the theme of copies between Italy, Spain and the rest of Europe.

More details and the complete programme: