From the death of Prophet Mohammed to the fall of ISIS

Professor Gilles Kepel
Professor Gilles Kepel

Institutional Communication Service

7 December 2017

A busy week of December lies ahead for the Middle East Mediterranean (MEM) Freethinking Platform at USI, chaired by Prof. Gilles Kepel, with the upcoming series of public conferences: 

  • Wednesday, December 13, at 6PM in the Sala Buzzati of the Fondazione Corriere della Sera (Milan, Italy) Prof. Kepel will discuss with war correspondent Lorenzo Cremonesi on the new situation in the Middle East after the fall of ISIS. The event is currently fully-booked, waiting list registrations at
  • Thursday, December 14, at 6:30PM in the Lugano campus Auditorium, Prof. Kepel will give the fifth in the series of lectures on the MEM, “The Third Phase of Jihad: the Ideological Underpinnings and Implementation (2005- …)”. Seats still available, subject to online registration:
  • Friday, December 15, at 6PM in the Sala Refettorio at LAC Lugano, the MEM Freethinking Platform welcomes Tunisian researcher Hela Ouardi, author of the book “Les derniers jours de Muhammad - Enquête sur la mort mystérieuse du Prophète” (The Last Days of Muhammad - Investigation into the Prophet's Mysterious Death), will discuss with Prof. Kepel at a public conference (in French) "La mort du Prophète de l’Islam : histoire d’un crime originel ?“ (The death of the Prophet of Islam: the story of an original crime?). Registrations at:

The Inside the MEM series of lectures, which will be held on a regular basis until May 2018, with an ongoing program that will see a series of guest contribute to the discussion on the Middle East Mediterranean and the events that are transforming the Region. Full details at