#servizipertutti: the platform on public services


Institutional Communication Service

26 February 2018

USI promotes the platform www.servizipertutti.usi.ch in cooperation with companies and organisations involved in public service in Ticino. The aim of the project is to narrate, especially to a younger audience in a fresh and realistic way, the complexity and importance of public services, which are currently facing new and significant challenges.

The project concerns themes that lie at the very foundations of democracy, involving crucial aspects such as equal access to knowledge, health, mobility and information exchange: important issues for the academic world, that need to be shared with the public, instead of being confined to a discussion between a few experts. Aware of its role as “public service”, USI aims at creating a productive dialogue through #servizipertutti involving future generations.  

The platform is designed as an evolving dynamic space, far from economic and political interests, where experts can meet with the general public, and where people can collect data and take a peek at the different realities.

From transportation, to healthcare, to mass media, researchers active in various fields shared their expertise to build a partnership in many sectors that will grow in the coming months involving – other than USI, RSI, SISGA (Swiss gas and water industry), and Swisscom – a number of other Swiss companies.