Rectoverso: basic research, applied science


Institutional Communication Service

7 March 2018

What do beauty creams and anti-tumor therapies have in common? The answer lies in the unpredictability of scientific progress, a line that divides basic research from applied science and that is much more liquid and uncertain than what is commonly assumed. Basic research imagines, applied science creates - but sometimes the object of imagination can differ significantly from what can actually be created. Serendipity is a characteristic of the world of science, underscoring the fragility of the "base or applied" dichotomy.  

On Tuesday, March 27 (Auditorium, 17:30 PM) Rector Boas Erez and Professor Andrea Alimonti (USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences) will discuss about epistemology and the research projects conducted at the Institute for Oncology Research (IOR, Bellinzona).

As metaphorically suggested by its name, rectoverso is about sharing the diverse perspectives of interpreting realities that USI can offer, many of which are closely related to each other, like the pages of a book narrating current events and everyday life.