The science and magic of smell

Institutional Communication Service

Date: 24 October 2018 / 18:00

Ex Asilo Ciani, Lugano

The sense of smell has been known for its emotional qualities since ancient times. Qualities that are able to alter our perception of the world, and influence our well-being. Aware of the effects of smell on people, postindustrial societies have turned air into a technical and cultural artefact, thus exploring its potential for marketing and communication. 

Wednesday October 24, 6pm at ex Asilo Ciani in Lugano, the expert in the culture of smell Prof. Claus Noppeney will bring the audience to experience hands on, and through their noses, how smell is connected to memories, how it affects our desires, and how it reflects our representations of power.

The workshop is part of the series “Arte in Azienda”, promoted by USI Faculty of Communication Sciences within the activities of the Master in Corporate Communication and the Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy. The aim is to get the community and students involved in a sensory experience that will call into question the meanings of smell in consumer culture, communication, and everyday life. 

The conference will be held in English. Entrance is free with limited seating. Reservation at [email protected] or by October 19, 2018. 

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