Ukraine relies on Swiss-Italian solution for new photovoltaic installation

Daniel Lepori (right) with the representatives of the Ukraine National Reserve
Daniel Lepori (right) with the representatives of the Ukraine National Reserve

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22 October 2018

Designergy, the renewable energy company based in San Vittore (GR) founded by USI alumnus Daniel Lepori (Master in Economics and Management, 2005), has signed an important collaboration agreement with the Ukraine National Reserve for the installation of a 50,000 square meter solar system in the former Soviet country. The agreement confirms the current phase of exponential  and international growth of Designery, a goal common to many start-ups such as Daniel's, who in its initial phase was supported by the USI Start-up Promotion Center (CP Start-up).

Designergy has developed the innovative TCR (Triactive Core Roof) module for roof covering, which includes not only insulating and waterproof elements, but most importantly photovoltaic elements. The new installation in Ukraine is the result of a previous installation of 1000 square meters completed on a structure near the airport of Kiev, which was enabled with the support of the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine. The solution developed by Designergy is present not only in Switzerland, but also in Germany, Italy, India, Benelux and the United States.

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