"Tutti riceviamo un dono". Presentation of the publication celebrating ISI's 10th anniversary

The cover of the publication
The cover of the publication

Institutional Communication Service

19 October 2018

USI Institute of Italian Studies, in collaboration with the Lugano Cantonal Library, is glad to present the volume “Tutti riceviamo un dono" (we all receive a gift) by Corrado Bologna, Stefano Prandi and Fabio Pusterla, published for the tenth anniversary of the Institute. The presentation will be held on Thursday, October 25 at 6pm in Sala Tami, Lugano Cantonal Library, featuring speeches from Yari Bernasconi, Rita Colombo and Stefano Vassere.

A peculiarity of the master programmes at USI Institute of Italian Studies is that they are designed around a unifying theme, a vast topic to tackle with the many variations proposed by the different disciplinary approaches, in order to create a common landscape in which the great principle of Italian civilization is visibly manifested.

The volume follows the leitmotif of the first ten years of activities of the Institute, introducing the key themes from the perspective of the professors and teachers who have taught and still teach at ISI.

In laymen’s terms, and in the form of a short essay, the book tackles from different disciplinary angles – from literature, to art history, to music – topics such as Creation, The ways the world has been measured, Harmony and disharmony, offering a fascinating scenario that sums up well the sense of that civilization to which the Institute looks for inspiration.

For more information: http://www.isi.com.usi.ch/