Artificial intelligence, the jobs of tomorrow and the world that will come


Institutional Communication Service

8 November 2018

In recent years, after a few decades of development, artificial intelligence has become one of the most dynamic fields in the academic world. Its impact on the world of education and work has the potential to redefine not only technological paradigms, but also social behavior, and the types of career that will arise in the near future.

The Circolo liberale di Cultura Carlo Battaglini, in cooperation with Università della Svizzera italiana, organises a round table featuring Roberto Cingolani (scientific director of the Italian Institute of Technolog), Boas Erez (USI Rector) and Mauro dell’Ambrogio (State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation). The event will be held on Thursday, December 6 at 6:30pm in the Lugano campus auditorium, and it will be the chance to discuss cutting-edge research in the field, focusing on its impact on the economy and the world of work that awaits the students of today and tomorrow.

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