A conference with astronaut Paolo Nespoli

(Space Experience)
(Space Experience)

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Astronaut Paolo Nespoli will be in Lugano for a conference organised by USI and SUPSI thanks to the support of Baloise Insurance.

During the evening, which will be held on Tuesday, December 11, at 6 pm in the Lugano campus auditorium, Paolo Nespoli will entertain the audience with anecdotes of his career and the experiences during his three space missions marked by selection, training, commitment, dedication, expertise, reliability, quality, sustainability, security, high technology, innovation, and efficiency.

Nespoli has also been a photographer since the Mission in Lebanon and is now recognised by the International Association of Professional Photographer. He will also present several shots taken during the 313 days in orbit, on the Space Shuttle, then on board the International Space Station, and the Soyuz. A Q&A session will close the event.

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