The Collective Employment Agreement for USI administrative staff was signed today


Institutional Communication Service

18 December 2018

The new Regulations on the general working conditions of administrative, library, technical and auxiliary staff of Università della Svizzera italiana was formally signed today, Tuesday, December 18, by the University executive management board, the USI staff association (APUSI) and the trade unions. This act follows the amendment of the Law on the Università della Svizzera italiana (LUni, art. 10, par. 2) voted by the Parliament in 2016, which indicates its adoption.

The process leading to the new Collective Employment Agreement began in the autumn of 2017 when USI and SUPSI Councils and executive management boards organised an information session for all university staff on the changes of Article 10 of the LUni, also inviting representatives of the VPOD and OCST trade unions and representatives of SUPSI employees. Following that, the APUSI (formed in the autumn of 2017, currently with 136 members out of 180 total staff) and the University administration began drafting the agreement, which is designed for all non-academic staff at USI and is based on the previous version, dating back to 2000 and updated in 2005. In addition to the APUSI, the above mentioned trade unions representing public services in the Canton Ticino were also invited to negotiate the agreement. After a series of productive consultations, the new Agreement was approved by a large majority at the General staff assembly on December 10, and was ratified by the University Council on Friday, December 14. The Collective Employment Agreement will be effective from January 1, 2019.