BigOmics Analytics


BigOmics Analytics was founded in 2018 as a spin-off of the Institute of Oncology Research (affiliated to the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences), and is currently incubated at the USI Startup Centre. In 2019, it launched Viromics Playground, a cloud-based self-service platform for analyzing and visualizing biological data at the molecular level, known as omics data (“omics” is a neologism, which generally refers to fields of study in biology, e.g. genomics, proteomics, etc.). The two founders of the startup, Murodzhon Akhmedov and Ivo Kwee, both hold a PhD and have solid backgrounds in bioinformatics, programming and artificial intelligence. They were joined by Axel Martinelli with a graduate degree specialisation in immunology and bioinformatics and recently by Gabriela Scorici, a marketing specialist pursuing her Masters studies in Management (Minor in Socially Responsible Management) at USI. In fact, the team members come from different academic backgrounds, which underlines the importance of cross-disciplinary approaches to find innovative solutions to modern-day problems.


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