Application Procedure

Candidates are invited to submit their application using the online form available on the page

Academic Year 2024/25:

  • Autumn Semester 2024 (September)
    • Applications will be accepted starting from 18 December 2023.
      The application deadline is 30 June 2024.
      The application deadline for candidates who need a visa is 30 April 2024.
      Late applications will be considered only in the case of available places.
  • Spring Semester 2025 (February)
    • Applications will be accepted starting from 16 September 2024.
      The application deadline is 15 January 2025.
      The application deadline for candidates who need a visa is 1 November 2024.

Required documentation:
The following pieces of documentation are required:

  • Copy of past diplomas (Bachelor, licentiate, four-year degree, maturity);
  • Official transcript of results of university examinations;
  • Certified translation of any diplomas written in a language other than Italian, German, French, English, or Spanish;
  • Curriculum vitae (Resume) - in the language of the Master's programme;
  • Personal letter of motivation drafted by the candidate -  in the language of the Master's programme;
  • Official certification of proficiency in English;
  • Copy of an identity card or passport;
  • Copy of residence permit for foreign nationals already domiciled in Switzerland.

Copy of past degree certificates 
Where a candidate has not fulfilled all the requirements for the Bachelor's degree, licentiate or other, a copy of the diploma may be sent at a later stage, but in any case no later than the beginning of the matriculation period. If so, please indicate the expected date of the award and enclose an official document issued by the awarding institution confirming these terms.

Letter of motivation
Candidates are required to draft a letter (not more than one page) introducing themselves and explaining their particular interests and reasons for seeking admission to a given Master's degree.

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  • Fraud warning / Security notice

    In order to better protect future USI students against potential fraud, we wish to draw attention to fake USI intermediary services and/or misleading advertisements on the Internet, as well as related board and accommodation/matriculation proposals.

    USI has no intermediaries whatsoever in these roles.

    Enrollment at USI can only occur when applications are validated by its Faculty admission officers or when submitted online - in Italian or in English - via the official website of USI. The latter offers all relevant information on admission requirements, procedures, fees and accommodation:

    When in doubt, we strongly recommend:

    • To check and verify the identity of the intermediary;
    • Not to submit any personal documents or information;
    • To pay particular attention to messages written in languages other than Italian or English, which are the only two languages used by USI for all its official communications;
    • To be suspicious of any advance payment requests, as USI does not request advance payment of tuition fees and/or rent.

    Please report any fake or fraudulent advertisements to USI: [email protected].

    USI shall take no responsibility for damages relating to incidents of this kind, to the use of such intermediary services, and to the acceptance of such proposals.