What the students say

Andrea Kimberley Hefti

I discovered philosophy rather late in my life and during my undergraduate years, I fell in love with contemporary Metaphysics. I have never thought that I would have found the perfect follow up programme right here in Lugano!

Lorenzo Lorenzetti

Choosing the master in philosophy at USI has been the best possible decision for me. Given that my goal is to pursue an academic career in philosophy, at USI I have found everything I was hoping for. The MAP has given me the opportunity of improving my philosophical skills, thanks to a dynamic and active philosophical community and thanks also to a very well-designed program of courses. I am particularly interested in topics at the intersection between metaphysics and philosophy of physics. Here I had the chance of working under the supervision of some of the top philosophers within these fields. Finally, the MAP’s tutorship program has significantly helped me publish a paper in a peer-reviewed journal by the last semester of my second year.

Elisa Malnati

The Master in Philosophy (MAP) offers a unique opportunity to work with many esteemed scholars coming from all around the world.
It allows you to have a close interaction with them and to get useful advice about your studies and professional future. I felt really welcomed in Lugano.

Sebastian Obrist

For me, the Master in Philosophy (MAP) became something like a new home. It provided a safe space, where I have been and still am continuously encouraged to grow, professionally as well as a person.
Among the many opportunities offered to this aim, teaching a tutorial accompanying Prof. Berto’s introduction to Modal Logic, has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life as a student so far. I think that it is only a slight overstatement to say that in terms of opportunities offered to motivated students the MAP comes close to a Kripkean non-normal world where nothing is necessary but everything is possible.

Marta Pedroni

I felt immediately welcomed here in Lugano. The Master in Philosophy (MAP) is a great programme if you want to seriously engage yourself in doing research.
It provides you with the perfect environment to understand and develop your specific interests since the professors really care about your work and they help you fostering your philosophical growth.

Nick Tsertsvadze

One of the most remarkable aspects of this programme is the diversity of its courses. Here one can find professors and students with both historical and theoretical interests and engage in discussions on every aspect of philosophy.
Professors in this programme are leading figures in their respective fields, from the most prestigious universities throughout the world. For me, the first semester was very demanding, but the encouragement from the professors, many hours of individual supervision, and the support from my colleagues helped me to overcome the initial difficulties. Thanks to this constant assistance, even though the programme gets more and more demanding, I find it easier to manage my tasks.