Welcome 2021: evening social gathering


(At full capacity, registration is closed)

The evening event Uno sguardo sul futuro (glance at the future), 19.09.2021, East Campus, has been designed and created by the Student Corporation in collaboration with the students’ associations recognised at USI.

The event aims at strengthening collaboration and cohesion among students and at getting familiar with the social, cultural and youth local community.

The event will start at 16.30 with the USI students corporation and USI student associations and partners.

Live music with local artists, ranging from rock, pop, their music and covers, and special guests’ interviews accompany the event:

To start the event:

  • Noisy Peanuts, jazz and lounge music,
  • 4Arti1Passione, covers ranging from Italian pop music to international artists (lady Gaga, John Legend,…)
  • Giosia Perretta
    Instagram, Facebook
  • NeroFumo, a local band that will share their music

And, to close the event on the dance floor:

  • DJ set with Jilian Flame

Light & sound:



Amnesty International Schweiz
Città di Lugano
Lugano Region
Volontariato Ticino

Food & Beverage:

Buvette service managed by the Campus mensa

The student corporation and the students' associations are looking forward to welcoming you to USI with an event where you can meet fellow students, enjoy music and have a good time, keeping a glance at your future!


COVID 19: important information
The event protection provisions comply with federal and cantonal regulations in force (disposizioni per eventi; available only in Italian, please contact the Student corporation for any further clarifications.).
We will keep you updated with any decisions of federal and cantonal Swiss authorities concerning the events protection provisions.
Measures and ordinances in Switzerland, updates New coronavirus: Measures and ordinances of the federal council and Cantonal measures (the website is available only in Italian, please contact the Student corporation for any further clarifications.).
Also, USI’s protection provisions are available on the website: USI protection provisions.
Please take note that provisions may change on short notice, we are going to punctually inform you via e-mail, thank you for your understanding!