Discover the Ticino Region

©Lugano Region / Davide Adamoli

Discover Ticino and its most attractive destinations with the Arcobaleno day pass (24.09.2022).

Some activities you can enjoy:

  • Bellinzona
    • Enjoying Mercato and its UNESCO Heritage Castles
      By participating in this activity you will have the opportunity to take an architectural tour of the city of Bellinzona, the capital of Canton Ticino. The guided tour offers the opportunity to discover some of the most representative buildings of modern and contemporary architecture in Ticino. From the Bagno di Bellinzona to the Piazza del Sole to the conservative restoration of the Castelgrande, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.
      *This is a guided activity.

  • Valle di Blenio
    • Cima Norma Chocolate Factory
      The famous Chocolate Factory was the economic engine of the Valley from 1903 to 1968. The factory now houses a Film Festival, exhibition spaces and an artists' residence (Cima Città).

    • History and Ethnography Museum of Blenio (Lottigna)
      The Blenio Valley Historical and Ethnographic Museum is housed in a splendid and monumental 16th-century building, built on older walls (1461).

  • Valle di Muggio

    • Breggia Gorge Park and the Ghitello Mill
      The striking Breggia Gorge Park with its unique geology is also a treasure trove of biodiversity and an observatory of local economic and industrial history.

    • Castel San Pietro and the Red Church:
      The Red Church is an ancient, religious building, erected in 1343, with fascinating Gothic frescoes.
      As the church is closed, it must be visited by contacting the Cottarelli-Günther family.

  • Valle Verzasca

    • Verzasca Dam
      The Verzasca Dam, among the highest in Europe, is known for its 200m bungee jump (for a fee). The dam was used in the James Bond film 'Golden Eye'.

    • Mergoscia-Corippo
      Pleasant walk accessible to all to reach the typical village of Corippo in about 2 hours. Corippo is the smallest municipality in Switzerland with only 12 inhabitants (2018 census). The architectural value of Corippo has resulted in the entire village centre being placed under a preservation order.

    • Sonogno
      The Verzasca valley is one of the wildest mountain valleys in the Ticino, with typical villages such as Sonogno with its stone houses and a beautiful museum, as well as the fascinating Froda waterfall, which can be reached via a footpath in about 30 minutes.

  • Valle Maggia
    • Salto waterfall (Maggia)
      From the village of Maggia, the waterfall can be reached via a very short forest path (5 minutes).
    • Peccia
      At the top of the Maggia Valley is the village of Peccia, known for its school and international sculpture centre.
      Scuola Sculture Peccia:
      Centro Internazionale di Scultura di Peccia:

    • Church of Mogno
      The church in Mogno was built in the 1990s by Ticino architect Mario Botta following an avalanche in the 1980s that destroyed the 17th-century church of San Giovanni Battista.
      Returning to the valley from Mogno, it is also possible to make small diversions to the typical village of Brontallo.

  • Valle Leventina

We recommend clothing suitable for the weather conditions_ comfortable shoes for walking, a backpack, water and, in case of sunny weather, a hat and sunscreen.
The activity is managed independently (*with the only exception of the visit to Bellinzona), but it is advisable to evaluate the weather on the same day and adapt accordingly.