Reduction of teaching commitments for SNSF div. I projects

Research and Transfer Service

28 February 2019

Applicants of SNSF projects in the humanities and social sciences can benefit from a reduction of teaching commitments in order to have more time for their SNSF-funded research. Reductions are possible for up to 4 hours per week per semester, spread across one or two semesters.

The SNSF awards a grant to cover the generated costs of max. CHF 24’000 which must be requested directly in the project application. A confirmation letter from the dean is required; please contact Ms. Dafne Pedrazzoli in order to prepare the needed documents.

The following conditions must be fulfilled cumulatively in order for the grant to be awarded:

  • Minimum duration of the project: 2 years;
  • Beneficiary: main applicant;
  • There must be a period of at least 4 years between any two application for teaching reduction;
  • The faculty must consent to the application.