Is Our Economy Sustainable? Sustainability Week kicks off


Institutional Communication Service

21 March 2019

The student association Rethinking Economics Lugano organises with the support of USI, SUPSI, and Franklin University Switzerland the conference “Is Our Economy Sustainable?”. The event will be held on Monday, 1 April at 5:30 pm in room A21 on Lugano campus. It will feature USI Rector Boas Erez with welcome remarks, the members of the association, SUPSI Director of the Department of Business Economics, Health, and Social Affairs Professor Luca Crivelli, USI Professor of Social Marketing Suzanne Suggs, USI Professor of Social Responsibility and Business Ethics of Peter Seele, the Dean of Executive Education and Global Outreach at FUS Carlo Giardinetti, and the Project Leader di UNITAR Jonas Haertle.  

Sustainibility Week is an annual event that has been held for quite some time all over Switzerland, and for the first time this year in Lugano. The aim is to make citizens aware of ecological, social, and economic sustainability, through social events, conferences, and activities for both the mind and the body.


For more information and to view the full programme: