After Daesh, between disintegration and regrouping


Institutional Communication Service

5 April 2019

On Thursday, 11 April, Professor Gilles Kepel’s lecture will focus on the evolutions of the Islamic State between disintegration and regrouping. In October 2017, the collapse of the ISIS “caliphate” left the Sunni world deeply torn by internal conflicts. Professor Kepel will analyse the regional and global fallouts of the ISIS recent defeat in Syria. The talk, in French, will be held in room A11 on Lugano Campus, at 6:30 pm.

“Beyond chaos. Geopolitical and cultural configurations of the Middle East Mediterranean” is the new series organised by the MEM Freethinking Platform, the USI initiative led by Professor Gilles Kepel with the aim of encouraging analysis and debate on the region. The title is inspired by Prof. Kepel latest book and evokes the chaotic and changing situation of the region, while suggesting new narratives and potential ways to face current challenges. The series will feature public lectures from Prof. Kepel and presentations by experts in the region.