Managing the creative process - Fabio Caselli introduces MCC to the Lugano Region rebranding case


Master in Corporate Communication

9 April 2019

Yesterday, Fabio Caselli - creative director at Caselli Strategic Design – met with the first year MCC class. During this exciting guest lecture, students went through the creative process that led to the award winning rebranding of the Lugano Region.

Fabio has shown how the analysis they have performed has led to frame the Lugano region as “differently Swiss” and how this positioning has been translated in the logo, the photographic language codified around a definition of the “Lugano style” and the visual system.

To develop a strategic brand design, students have learned, it is “important to move the judgement from the personal scope - ”I like it”, “I don’t like it” - to the objective one -”it works”, “it doesn’t work”.