Medical Humanities: the Fondazione Sasso Corbaro associated to USI


Institutional Communication Service

27 May 2019

The State Council of the Canton of Ticino recently approved the association of the Fondazione Sasso Corbaro to Università della Svizzera italiana. The Foundation, which aims to promote training, research and expertise in the field of medical humanities, will thus be able to develop – within a solid institutional framework – valuable synergies with USI in various fields.

The Fondazione Sasso Corbaro, based in Bellinzona, was founded in 2000 by initiative of medical doctors, entrepreneurs and researchers and is supported by the DECS (Department of education, culture and sport of the Canton of Ticino) and the Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale (EOC). The Medical Humanities are an interdisciplinary field of study and discussion that approaches medicine from an ethical point of view, considering the psychological, social and cultural components of the relationship between the doctor and the patient, to promote a "clinical humanism". This area of interest investigates the ways in which to accompany the therapeutic practice with a humanistic approach, so as to improve patient care and foster a holistic understanding of the great challenges that affect medical progress.

According to the Rector of USI Boas Erez: "The association of the Fondazione Sasso Corbaro is an interesting step in the process of consolidation of the academic sector in the region, offering priviledged access to a substantial data archive, which contains over 6,000 volumes, 1,000 films and over 10,000 newspaper articles on the subject of Medical Humanities and bioethics. A wealth of information that will be useful to students and researchers, especially from the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, but not only, given the highly interdisciplinary value of this sector.”

For his part, the Secretary General of the Foundation, Prof. Roberto Malacrida, said that: "This new and solid collaboration will enable the development of new continuing education programmes in collaboration with USI in the future, aimed at the medical sector in the Canton and beyond, while at the same time offering greater visibility to the events organised on a regular basis by the Foundation around this subject".

The Fondazione Sasso Corbaro publishes, since 2007, the quarterly "Rivista per le Medical Humanities" ( on behalf of the Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale. The magazine is distributed by Edizioni Casagrande in over 2800 copies, by subscription or in consultation at the library of the Foundation.


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