USI at the Swiss Digital Day Lugano 2019


Institutional Communication Service

25 July 2019

The event will be held on 3 September from 9 am to 8 pm in Piazza Riforma as part of the third National Digital Day involving 11 cities throughout the country. USI will join in with several initiatives.

This year’s leitmotif of Digital Switzerland is lifelong learning. In our fast changing society, it is important to acquire new skills, and the university plays a central role in understanding and transferring to the public such changes and knowledge. 

Piazza della Riforma will turn into an exhibition area, hosting a conference space and over thirty stands. The updated programme is available at The proposed initiatives will follow the theme of the National Digital Day: eDemocracy, mobility, education, health, lifestyle, work 4.0 and media/culture. The impact of digital technology on the present and future will be investigated for each of the sectors mentioned above.

USI will be present with several speakers (Lorenzo Cantoni, Philip Di Salvo, Franz Graf, Paolo Tonella) and with some installations from the Faculty of Informatics, the Software Institute, the USI-SUPSI Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and with "Decoding wireless", an installation created by USI Institute of Media and Journalism and the Laboratory of Visual Culture of SUPSI. For the occasion, the small exhibition pavilion/container "Casa di progetto" on the future East campus will be moved to the city centre.  

The initiative has been carried out within the framework of the L*3-Lugano Living Lab platform, a partnership that brings together Cities, USI, SUPSI and companies active in the new technology sectors.