Meet the Ambassadors: USI welcomes the Swiss ambassadors from Ticino

A view of the Federal Palace in Berne
A view of the Federal Palace in Berne

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26 August 2019

What is an embassy and what does an ambassador do? What does "diplomatic immunity" mean? How are the taxpayer's resources used abroad? The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and USI invite five Ticino ambassadors to share myths and truths about Swiss diplomats.

On 2 September from 11 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. in room 351 (Lugano campus), the FDFA and USI organise an exclusive event featuring five Swiss ambassadors from Ticino who have been active for years in various parts of the world on behalf of the Confederation. The public conference will give the opportunity to discover the professional and human aspects related to this profession and in general to the work carried out by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in the world as well as in Switzerland.

Monica Schmutz-Kirgöz, Swiss Ambassador in Beirut, Ambassador Mauro Reina, Head of Protocol of the FDFA, Massimo Baggi, Stefano Lazzarotto and Pietro Lazzeri, respectively Swiss Ambassadors in Morocco, Armenia and Cameroon, will be sharing their experiences with the audience.

From 10.30 a.m. to the entrance of the Lugano campus of USI there will be an old timer postbus, symbol of the 'Tour de Suisse' that the FDFA is carrying out from 19 August to 6 September and that will touch all corners of the country from the Engadine to eastern and central Switzerland, from the Plateau to Ticino and French-speaking Switzerland. The tour takes FDFA staff to their home cantons to visit schools, hold conferences and meet the population in the squares.

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