Project "R(i)OSA" wins the contest to encourage reuse of materials


Institutional Communication Service

24 October 2019

The Students’ Organisation of the Academy (OSA) in cooperation with the Academy of Architecture and project SOSTA has launched at the beginning of the academic year a contest for designing a shelf to facilitate the collection and exchange of surplus materials from the production of models at the Academy of Architecture. The winner is the project "R (i) OSA": a piece of bright pink wooden furniture, easy to build, that will become the students’ community trademark for sustainable practices.  

The call for bids issued by OSA states "2019 marks a wanted and necessary breakthrough to reduce the environmental impact caused by the creative activities of our University community in Mendrisio”. "We are all aware of the typical scenario at the end of the semester: buckets full of undifferentiated material, abandoned tools, leftover material that was never collected by legitimate owners”.

In this context, the student association wanted to give its contribution by launching a competition for ideas to create two permanent pieces of furniture to encourage the collection and storage of incomplete pieces in good shape, of material used daily in modeling (cardboard, MDF, polystyrene), and to encourage the reuse of the same.

The winners believe that "the bright pink shelves will not only help reduce waste. They will create a new culture of sharing among the students of the Academy.

The initiative is part of a series of measures promoted by "SostA... towards a sustainable University", aiming at improving environmental, economic and social responsibility at USI.