Awards to the students of the independent student newspaper L'universo


Institutional Communication Service

24 October 2019

Credit Suisse presented on Wednesday, for the eleventh consecutive year, the “Credit Suisse Award for Excellent Writing". About ten students were awarded in the presence of the CEO of Credit Suisse Switzerland Ltd. Thomas Gottstein.

Gabriela Cotti Musio, chairperson of the jury for the award, explained during the ceremony that “supporting younger generations is a priority for Credit Suisse”, adding that “with this award we want to recognise and value the great commitment necessary to carry out extra-curricular activities. We therefore reward the students who have enriched their curriculum with editorial experience by managing a newspaper in the best possible way".

The jury, made up of communication and academic experts, examined all the articles published by L'universo from September 2018 to June 2019, also evaluating the work behind the scenes of the newspaper and decided to award the following prizes:

  • Shared award to the Chief Editors of L’universo: Alessandro Benedetti, Amedeo Gasparini, Antonio Paolillo and Federica Serrao receive the recognition for their excellent teamwork in managing the magazine and for writing articles that are particularly appreciated by readers. The jury was pleased to notice the good layout of the newspaper, the continuity, the coherence and the remarkable growth in the quality of the contents.
  • Marco Angeloni for arounsing the readers interest with the articles “A Bellinzona torna il re!” and “Lo spadista mondiale”
  • Giulia Da Costa for arounsing the readers interest with the article “Giochi pericolosi”
  • Giulia Facchini for arounsing the readers interest with the article “Asinochileggeancora”
  • David Anzalone for the improved English column
  • Caroline Bianchi for the interesting contribution from Zurich
  • Laura Tramuto for the strips that with polite irony present moments of daily student life

At the end of the ceremony, Credit Suisse also confirmed its commitment to the 2019-2020 academic year. For the coming "Credit Suisse Award for Excellent Writing", the jury has decided to introduce a special prize of CHF 500 that will be awarded to those who will present an innovative depiction of how students see the world today.