The new 102 graduates of USI Faculty of Communication Sciences


Institutional Communication Service

12 November 2019

The graduation ceremony of USI Faculty of Communication Sciences was held on Monday in the Lugano campus Aula magna. Conferred, 47 Bachelor’s, 52 two-year Master’s and 3 PhD. Awards for the best grade point average were also assigned to the students during the ceremony.

The event opened with a welcome address by USI Rector Prof. Boas Erez and carried on with a speech by the Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences Prof. Andrea Rocci. The graduates - of 13 different nationalities - were awarded a total of 102 diplomas in Communication Sciences and Interfaculty, which is obtained through joint study paths with the Faculty of Economics.

The ceremony also included two presentations by USI alumni: Isabelle Dublin (Master in Corporate Communication, 2015), now Corporate Communication Officer at Pictet Group, Zurich; and Riccardo Latini (Master in Marketing, 2014), now Head of Caslano Shoe Factory at Bally, Caslano.


The awards for the best graduates of the Bachelor's and Master's degree were awarded as follows:

ABB Prize for the best Bachelor

  • Beatrice Fasulo (grade point avarage: 9.41)
    ex aequo with
    Michela Gerosa (grade point avarage: 9.41)


ABB Prize for the best Master

  • Deborah Barcella (grade point avarage: 9.68)


Alma Bacciarini Prize for the best Master in in Italian language, literature and civilisation

  • Rita Colombo (grade point avarage: 9.90)

The following is a list of graduates with their nationality and their diplomas. 



Bachelor in Italian language, literature and civilisation -

  1. Tiziana Antonini, Switzerland
  2. Laura Babu, Switzerland
  3. Valentina Bernasconi, Switzerland
  4. Carlotta Lo Porto, Switzerland
  5. Costanza Lucchini, Italy
  6. Andrea Mazzoni, Switzerland
  7. Tessa Roggiani, Switzerland
  8. Laura Troilo, Italy
  9. Gabriele Vannini, Switzerland


Bachelor in Scienze della comunicazione -

  1. Francesco Balestra, Switzerland
  2. Ginevra Benzi, Switzerland
  3. Rachele Alice Bonalanza, Italy
  4. Laura Bordoli, Italy
  5. Silvia Broggini, Italy
  6. Silvia Calgaro, Italy
  7. Giacomo Castelli, Italy
  8. Alessio Castorino, Italy
  9. Beatrice Catalani, Switzerland
  10. Anna Crignola, Switzerland
  11. Althea Lucia Crincoli, Switzerland
  12. Margaux Cucciati, Switzerland
  13. Andrea Del Bufalo, Switzerland
  14. Alice Della Bruna, Switzerland
  15. Giulia Facchini, Switzerland
  16. Beatrice Fasulo, Italy
  17. Marco Fossati, Italy
  18. Giulia Galetti, Italy
  19. Amedeo Gasparini, Switzerland
  20. Michela Gerosa, Italy
  21. Nadine Iadonisi, Switzerland
  22. Grigor Krstevski, Switzerland
  23. Lukas Lenherr, Switzerland
  24. Sofia Luraschi, Switzerland
  25. Erika Magliocco, Switzerland
  26. Ariele Mombelli, Switzerland
  27. Giulia Munnia, Switzerland
  28. Phuc Nicky Ngo, Switzerland
  29. Simone Pellegrino, Switzerland
  30. Simona Piccinali, Switzerland
  31. Mjriam Prudente, Switzerland
  32. Nicolò Radaelli, Switzerland
  33. Matteo Soldati, Switzerland
  34. Chiara Stefanoni, Italy
  35. Paola Sula, Albania
  36. Sarah Vaccaro, Italy
  37. Sophie Waschuth, Germany
  38. Sarah Ziegler, Switzerland



Master of Arts
Master in Italian language, literature and civilisation

  1. Marco Calogero Battaglia, Italy
  2. Rita Colombo, Italy
  3. Alice Driutti, Switzerland
  4. Yaliang Fu, China
  5. Alessandro Mariani, Switzerland, Italy
  6. Gaia Nannini, Switzerland
  7. Anna Polatti, Italy
  8. Natalia Elena Sofia Realini, Switzerland
  9. Francesca Rossetti, Italy

Master in Philosophy

  1. David Giuseppe Arie Anzalone, Belgium
  2. Gaetano Masciullo, Italy
  3. Alberto Tassoni, Italy


Master in Communication Sciences
Master in Communication Management and Health

  1. Anaid Zulima Barreto Solano, Spain
  2. Melissa Biolchi, Italy
  3. Rillion Cadlini, Switzerland, Brasil
  4. Giovanni Franscella, Switzerland
  5. Elisa Anneve Marti, Switzerland
  6. Francesca Panico, Italy
  7. Federica Pedalino, Italy
  8. Alexandre Szczypkowski, Switzerland, Italy

Master in Media Management

  1. Sara Bellicini, Switzerland
  2. Fabio Dotti, Switzerland
  3. Ely Lüthi, Switzerland
  4. Antonio Nucci, Italy
  5. Giosia Perretta, Italy
  6. Margherita Pizio, Italy


Master in Communication Sciences and Economics
Master in Corporate Communication

  1. Yvonne Burger, Switzerland
  2. Alexandra Clements, United States
  3. Leonora Gashi, Switzerland
  4. Dominika Karausova, Czech Republic
  5. Alina Meletta, Switzerland
  6. Janine Videva, Bulgaria
  7. Manuela Walzthöny, Switzerland

Master in Marketing

  1. Iride Virginia Baranella, Italy
  2. Deborah Barcella, Italy
  3. Joël Breguet, Switzerland
  4. Federico Camera, Italy
  5. Lucrezia Camponovo, Switzerland
  6. Loan Anh Duong, Switzerland
  7. Yana Dzhikova, Bulgaria
  8. Simone Ferloni, Italy
  9. Grazia Iannitti, Italy
  10. Ruth Kappler, Svizzera
  11. Luz Del Carmen Lopez Laguna, Mexico
  12. Niccolò Gerardo Manzi, Italy
  13. Elena Merati, Italy
  14. Stefany Moccetti, Switzerland
  15. Abhishek Nair, India
  16. Hana Eloisa Pinsker, Switzerland
  17. Federica Riva, Italy
  18. Diandra Sacco, Italy
  19. Maximilian Witz, Switzerland


PhD -

Doctor of Philosophy in Italian language, literature and civilisation

  1. Pellizzato Giulia, Italy

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Sciences

  1. Amati Rebecca, Italy
  2. De Molli Federica, Italy