3 New approved SNSF Spark projects @USI

Research and Transfer Service

22 November 2019

The SNSF Spark pilot was launched to enable innovative and unconventional research projects, to enhance diversity among the applicants and to test innovative evaluation methods.

753 applications were submitted to the 1st call, resulting in a success rate of approximately 40%.

Among the approved projects, there are three USI projects:

Title: Characterization of specific enhancer RNAs involved in ibrutinib resistance mechanism in marginal zone lymphoma

Beneficiaries: Dr. Sara Napoli with Prof. Francesco Bertoni

Affiliation: Institute of Oncology Research (IOR)


Title: Bayesian Nonparametric Structural Learning

Beneficiary: Dr. Stefano Peluso

Affiliation: USI, Faculty of Economics 


Title: Beyond Watching: Next Generation Programming Tutorials Leveraging Interaction Data

Beneficiary: Dr. Andrea Mocci

Affiliation: USI, Faculty of Informatics, Software Institute (SI).


Find the other approved projects and their abstract here.