Facebook awards four young members of the USI community


Institutional Communication Service

2 December 2019

Alessandra Gorla, Alessio Gambi, Pasquale Salza and Valerio Terragni are active researchers, already working, or trained at USI Faculty of Informatics. They took part in the Facebook Testing and Verification Symposium in London from 20 to 21 November and ranked among the winners of the 2019 international competition dedicated to software testing and verification launched by Facebook, one the leading companies in the digital sector.

All four winners work or have worked in the Software Testing and Analysis Research group of Prof. Mauro Pezzè.

Alessandra Gorla earned her PhD at USI in 2011 and is now a researcher at the IMDEA Software Institute, as well as a lecturer at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. Alessio Gambi, also PhD at the Faculty of Informatics, in 2013, is currently a researcher at the University of Passau. Pasquale Salza, former post-doc USI, now works for the University of Zurich. Finally, Valerio Terragni has been a post-doc researcher at the Faculty of Informatics since 2017. Tra i premiati anche Alessandro Orso, prof. al Georgia Institute of Technology di Atlanta, già professore invitato all'USI.

Among the winners is also Alessandro Orso, professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, and a former invited professor at USI.

The accolade awarded by Facebook goes to the studies of which these researchers have been co-authors in collaborations with colleagues active in different parts of the world - here is the complete list of ten research awards out of 100 submitted.  

"We are happy and proud to have helped Alessandra, Alessio and Pasquale, and to be helping Valerio to boost his talent in scientific research," comments the Dean of USI Faculty of Informatics, Antonio Carzaniga. "Mark Harman, Research Scientist and Facebook TAV co-chair, reported that all the works submitted to the competition launched by Facebook were really high level. This further underlines the value of the work of the winners, which in turn is a confirmation - and let me say: not the first - of the quality and relevance of the research conducted at the Faculty, as well as of our doctoral training”.