Student association LPU - A debate on the sexual orientation discrimination referendum


Student associations

9 January 2020

The student association LPU-Law and Politics in USI organises, on Thursday, January 23, the debate “Referendum of February 9: should the Swiss criminal code protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation?”. The event will take place in room A-13, Red building, Lugano Campus.

Where does one’s freedom of speech end and the other’s right not to be offended begin? Edo Pellegrini is campaigning for the referendum of February 9, which will see Swiss citizens called to vote on the proposal of the Federal Council and the majority of MPs to introduce the principle of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation into the Swiss criminal code. Should this principle be included alongside other criteria already known by law to condemn discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or political orientation? Representatives of the youth groups of the major Swiss and Ticino political parties will discuss the pros and cons of this sensitive issue, and the future implications of the popular vote.