Il Litorale kicks off the New Year in "self-knowledge mode"

Image taken during a self-knowledge workshop led by Viktor Herbeiu in the openspace at the USI Litorale
Image taken during a self-knowledge workshop led by Viktor Herbeiu in the openspace at the USI Litorale

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11 February 2020

At the USI Litorale, the New Year has begun a few weeks ahead of the spring academic semester, which starts on February 17. In fact, at the end of January, a series of workshops designed for students and graduates - but also to entrepreneurs and company execs - was launched to help them discover the 'soft' elements and skills that will be useful to them in the workplace.

The sessions are led by Viktor Herbeiu who, with over 10 years of experience in an international environment and 6 years in promotional business, is currently working on the digitisation of internal and external sales processes and international business development. Viktor has created a training programme aimed at providing participants with elements to achieve greater "awareness" of themselves (self-knowledge), with presentations and practical exercises that will enable them to obtain greater success in their professional and private lives.

The series, organised in collaboration with Match Strategies, continues with the workshop "First Steps To A Successful Career", on February 19 from 6.45 pm to 8.45 pm, followed by an apéro networking session.

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Il Litorale welcomes...

Those who have been to the Maghetti district so far know that Il Litorale is more than just an "event venue": the structure includes, in fact, spaces for individual and co-working activities.

The first user of these spaces is Paolo Rossi Castelli, who arrived at Il Litorale during the summer of 2019. Paolo is a scientific journalist with a focus on the world of biomedicine and - among other things - is the editorial manager of Ticinoscienza, the online portal for news and in-depth research in Ticino.

At the beginning of January of this year, Chiara Sulmoni, journalist and producer of documentaries and radio-tv services, set herself up at Il Litorale with her research and strategic analysis company START InSight. Chiara deals with geopolitical issues with a particular focus on the Mediterranean area, the Arab and Islamic world.

Also in January, and following a few successful preparatory sessions for TEDx Lugano which took place at the end of September last year, the Global Shapers Community Lugano has chosen Il Litorale as the venue for its monthly meetings.

Welcome, Paolo, Chiara and Global Shapers Lugano!

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Entrepreneurial Networking

Last autumn, USI Litorale hosted a number of events aimed at the investor community. These included, at the end of September, the meeting organised with SICTIC (Swiss ITC Investor Club) which showed to potential investors (or Business angels) in startups the essential elements to be taken into account. SICTIC will return to Lugano towards the end of May, bringing their traditional spring 'Investor Day' to USI LItorale for the first time.

Also in the spring, USI Litorale will welcome for the first time Investiere, the leading European startup investment platform for qualified and institutional investors, based in Zurich.

Both events testify to the interest of the Northern part of Switzerland in the startup ecosystem of Ticino, representing also two great networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. The dates and details of these meetings will be visible in the 'Events' section of the website