#USIeLearning, keep on sharing


Institutional Communication Service

13 April 2020

The competition ends with the last posts awarded. Please continue to share images, videos and stories of your teaching and study experience from home. 

Study stations in the green, cats peeking at the computer, focused and smiley faces participating in interactive lessons: thanks to students, teachers and collaborators for their commitment, enthusiasm and creativity in facing this particular semester. It is in the spirit of feeling "close even when apart" that the initiative carries on: keep on sharing work and study experiences on social media. The iCorsi platform also keeps the community, especially students, up to date with news, information and insights that can be accessed directly from the dashboard.


The winners of the third week (6-9 April) are

For the students:

  • Emanuele Cappai, Bachelor student, Bachelor in lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana, Faculty of Communicaiton, Culture and Society.
  • Benedetta Scotto Di Santolo, Master student, Master in lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana, Faculty of Communicaiton, Culture and Society.
  • Viola A Marca, Bachelor student, Faculty of Economics.
  • Christoph Grüter, Bachelor student, Academy of Architecture.
  • Andrea Juric, Master student, Master in Digital Fashion Communication.

For the academic body:

  • The MEM Freethinking Platform team, in particular Federica Frediani and Boryana Stratieva.