The next exam session will be held online


Institutional Communication Service

20 April 2020

The exams scheduled for the summer session of the academic year 2019-20 will be held digitally: this was established by a decision of the USI Management Committee that has been ratified on Friday, 17 April, 2020 by the Academic Senate.

The Directive - available here - defines three specific examination procedures: "open book", oral or quiz. The timing and measures were defined by weighing on the one hand the quality and rigour required for evaluation, and on the other hand the very particular conditions in which part of the semester was held, envisaging some solutions in the interest of the students.

The document also includes the reasons that led to this choice, which was drawn up in favour of the students and aimed at ensuring equal treatment, while protecting the health of the academic community as a whole. To date, it is impossible to determine the conditions under which it will be possible to access the campuses on the scheduled dates and, even if access were to be granted, new restrictive health measures could come into force at any time, making it difficult to carry out exams in person. In addition to this, several members of the community may - for different reasons - have not yet regained full autonomy to travel.

The examination procedures for each course will be provided by the faculty in charge through the platform by 8 May 2020.